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  1. G.I. Nomex Flight Gloves
G.I. Nomex Flight Gloves
G.I. Nomex Flight Gloves

G.I. Nomex Flight Gloves

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Used by American military aviators since the 1960s, Nomex flight gloves offer enhanced thermal protection while retaining the dexterity needed to perform any operation. The melt-proof Nomex material provides flame and heat resistance to your hands and wrists with the extended wrist cover design. Designed for the Coast Guard, these gloves are perfect for pilots, law enforcement officials and military personnel by not sacrificing the fine tactile skills needed to operate an airplane or shoot a firearm. Designed to military standards for flight gloves (MIL-DTL-81188C), the Nomex tactical gloves keep the fire-resistant properties while wet or when laundered.

Color: Royal Blue
Size: 9

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