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  1. Rothco Color Camo BDU Shirt
Rothco Color Camo BDU Shirt
Rothco Color Camo BDU Shirt

Rothco Color Camo BDU Shirt

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Designed to provide resiliency and comfort for the wearer, Rothco’s Camo BDU Shirts are the ultimate military shirt for active duty personnel and MilSim enthusiasts. The military BDU shirts are made of a poly / cotton blend and double stitched seams to prevent wear and tear while in the field. Modeled after the U.S. Military’s standard issue battle dress uniform (BDU), the uniform shirts include reinforced elbow sections on each arm to protect your elbows and prevent the section from wearing out from Army crawling, shooting and other tasks that require you to work on your forearms and elbows. The battle dress uniform shirts feature four large button pleated bellow cargo pockets with the left chest pocket containing an additional open top pocket for storing pens or small tools. Classic button front is covered with a flap closure supplies protection from the outdoor elements. The wrist cuffs come with button tabs so you can adjust them for the perfect fit.

Color: Ultra Violet Camo
Size: 2XL

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