Otis Ripcord .22 Caliber - Pistol

Otis Ripcord .22 Caliber - Pistol

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Otis ripcord.22 caliber pistol

-Cleans: .22cal Pistol
-Length: 22.5"
-10 inches of aggressive cleaning surface
-Caliber specific molded rubberized core for 360 degree cleaning
-Heat resistant up to 700 degrees F
-Nomex® fibers act as both a brush to loosen & a patch to capture fouling particles
-Easy-feed design makes for quicker cleaning from Breech-to-Muzzle®
-Equipped w/ 8-32 threaded ends to fit Otis cleaning components

Other Features: 10" of cleaning surface, heat resistant (700 degrees), helix shape engages rifling, nomex fibers act as a brush and a patch.
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