Truglo Bow Stand Bow-jack - 7.25" Black-red

Truglo Bow Stand Bow-jack - 7.25" Black-red

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Truglo bow stand bow-jack 7.25" black/red

-Ideal for longer axle-to-axle bows
-Lightweight & durable
-Rubber grips the limb for secure no-slip fit
-Easy one-hand operation with integrated finger tabs
-Won't scratch limb surface
-Recessed spring won't snag
-Stainless steel hardware
-Fits most bows & crossbows
-Length: 7.25"
-Weight: approx. 3.5 oz.

**Use 2 Bow Jacks to support most crossbows, or a Bow Jack paired with a Bow JackMini
to hold your bow with the cam off the ground

Other Features: Light weight & durable,ruber grips for no-slip fit,one hand operation w/integrated finger tabs,truss style design for increased strength add a second bow-jack to make it crossbow copatible
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