Wheeler Screwdriver Kit 43-pc - Professional Gunsmithing

Wheeler Screwdriver Kit 43-pc - Professional Gunsmithing

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Wheeler screwdriver kit 43-pc professional gunsmithing

-Made from high-grade steel
-A custom-molded box houses the contents of the set
-1 ergonomic driver handles for delivering maximum torque
-21 hollow ground bits specifically designed to match the thin slots in gun screws, sizes ranging from
approx. .120 x .020 to .360 x .070
-10 Allen bits
-4 Phillips bits
-5 Torx bits
-Note: the bits in these sets are designed to break before damaging the fastener itself. Breakage of a bit
shouldn't be considered a defect, rather it means that the fastener will require some other means of
removal or an application of a suitable compound that will penetrate threads, such as Kano Kroil

Other Features: Case included, 20 flat bits, 10 hex bits, 5 torx bits and more.
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